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Effective Consulting is an international team of advisers, business analysts, consultants and experts in the field of venture investment consulting services and innovation business. We are always ready to help our clients achieve success in the modern business world.

Venture investment means attraction of resources for new areas of the economy, new enterprises, new kinds of activity and innovation. Such projects have a high level of risk, so it is virtually impossible to attract investments in a usual way - through bank credits. The purpose of venture financing is to combine the capital of one group of businessmen (or funds) with the ideas and technologies of another group to carry out innovative projects and attain high profit.

Our company has several years of experience in the sphere of venture capital investment. Our profound knowledge of venture business mechanisms, government contacts, active cooperation with venture capitalists (companies and funds) and innovation enterprises in Russia and abroad allows Effective Consulting to provide a wide spectrum of services pertaining to investment project support.

We employ qualified experts representing various branches of economy. It allows our company to work with projects from various fields: energy sector, metallurgy, petroleum and gas, nanotechnology, biochemistry, mechanical engineering, construction, robotics, information technologies and others.

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