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For Investors

The services of Effective Consulting for potential investors are aimed primarily at the evaluation of potential investment projects, reduction of investment risks and, ultimately, achievement of high profits.

Investment project search

One of the well-known stereotypes of modern business states that the main role in the success of any enterprise belongs not so much to the idea underlying the product or technology, but rather to the management quality. Sometimes the investor is unable to correctly estimate the potential of a scientific idea, preferring analyze the management quality instead. Still, nobody denies the value of ideas. Our company serves as a guide in the "sea of innovations" for potential investors, helping to find and select the candidates for investment.

Effective Consulting is ready to cooperate with both the universal and the highly specialized venture capitalists in the following areas:

  • Project appraisal (including marketing and technology)
  • Organization of independent expert assessments
  • Carrying out laboratory researches
  • Carrying out industrial testing
  • Selection of potential technological and marketing partners for the project
  • Estimating potential efficiency and risk of the project
  • Analysing available government support and co-financing opportunities for the project
  • Selecting different stage projects for "batch" investments (from "pure idea" stages to mezzanine investments)
  • Legal, patent and intellectual property support

Project support

Venture investments are usually characterized by high risks and potential super-profit. While the project is being carried out and the investor is still far from fixating the profit, our main purpose is risk minimization. During this stage Effective Consulting provides its partners with the following services:


  • Business planning
  • Managerial, legal and financial consulting


  • Forming a project partners pool (governmental, technological and marketing partners, funds, noncommercial organizations)
  • Carrying out tenders
  • Forming teams, personnel selecting and training
  • Equipment leasing
  • Establishing a modern and effective promotion and sales system for the finished products
  • Monitoring intermediate results
  • Assessing intermediate results
  • Preparing corrective recommendations

Risk minimization

  • Attracting co-financing
  • Developing an effective financing scheme for the enterprise

Profit fixation

The ultimate goal of any investment including venture one is to receive profit. Venture capitalist expects to receive super-profits when entering a project. Effective Consulting provides its partners with the following services at the closing stage of the investment process:

  • Estimating the results of the company's activity under venture fund's control and preparing recommendations for the project's further development
  • Selecting a tactical plan for an effective exit
  • IPO support
  • PR support

Effective Consulting can carry out the whole complex of project support activities as well as separate services listed, according to venture capitalist's requirements at various stages of project realization.

Effective Consulting considers various forms of co-operation with potential investors: from one-time paid services to equity participation in the venture projects.

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