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Information Technology consulting

Business environment becomes more and more dynamic each year in every industry.

The basis of each competitive business should include a well-designed information system (IT system) which should constantly be adjusted according to business needs. The Information system is a significant tangible asset of every company. Well-designed corporate information system considerably improves employee productivity, as well as increases company’s market value, being a prerequisite to successful business development.

Effective Consulting is oriented toward real business needs. We are ready to offer those solutions which are necessary in a given situation and allow to minimize expenses and reduce risks during IT systems implementation, as well as enhance quality and provide conformity of IT systems to business tasks; and finally we offer IT system development:

  • Design and development of integrated information security systems, full spectrum of data protection activities
  • Consultation of customer’s IT personnel in the areas of safety and fault tolerance enhancement of existing IT systems
  • IT corporate standards development, adaptation and implementation (fail-safe features, data security and others)
  • Design and implementation of business continuity plans
  • Working out specification proposal requirements on IT systems development
  • Identification of development vectors and priority tasks
  • IT infrastructure monitoring and management
  • Information risk management
  • IT infrastructure inventory
  • IT infrastructure analysis
  • Project management
  • Systems integration
  • Data security

Cooperation with Effective Consulting allows our clients to:

  • Improve security and controllability of the business. We use the best techniques and tools for information protection and information risk management and we offer our clients to increase business security using these resources
  • Let their executives concentrate on primary management tasks. We are taking care of reliability and security of information systems
  • Improve quality and reliability of their systems: Effective Consulting conducts its work according to high quality standards
  • Increase business profitability by reducing expenses on company information infrastructure maintenance
  • Benefit from our effective problem-solving techniques
  • Implement advanced technologies in their business practices
  • Realize their own growth prospects

Effective Consulting provides consultations on various aspects of information security and if necessary also provides a full spectrum of consulting services covering the cycle of creation or modernization of a secured information system.

Our complex of information security consulting services includes:

  • Analysis and estimation of information security in organization’s control system
  • Development of information security policies and procedures
  • Technical and economic assessment of projects and decisions
  • Training in various aspects of information protection
  • Gathering requirements for the information security system
  • Design and support of information protection subsystems
  • Information system assets attestation
  • Information security analysis
  • Expert consultations

If you have any questions about our services please do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone: +7 (499) 380-74-75


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