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Strategic Management

Current economic and political situation makes business management in Russia sometimes similar to "rafting in an ocean". In order to make optimal decisions effectively and on time while facing dynamically varying market, political, economic and social conditions in the country, it is necessary for CEOs to promptly react to arising challenges, at the same time maintaining competitive positions and advantages in the market, as well as keeping strategic dynamic to reach chosen goals.

Under such circumstances company management should pay significant attention to strategic development and constantly coordinate it with market dynamics and changes in the country. This dynamic environment does not leave any chances of success to those who simply go with the flow. Therefore today the key factors of success are not so much capacity and scope of business but rather company’s ability to progress, move efficiently and promptly, improve, and search for new, more effective ways to reach defined goals.

Strategic direction should be considered not only as the enterprise development plan, but rather as a set of long-term objectives and steps for their achievement depending on external and internal factor dynamics, including:

  • Changes in political and economic conditions in the country and worldwide
  • Possibility of entry into new markets (regional, international)
  • Fluctuating market situation, competition
  • Investment mobilization ability
  • Production development
  • Technological changes

Effective Consulting is pleased to offer the following services in the field of Strategic Management:

  • Complex survey of the current enterprise condition (organizational structure, formal and actual functional workload of each workplace, internal standards and policies, organization of main business processes, business culture)
  • Development of a complete set of internal documentation (organization department’s policies, workflow documentation, policies regarding planning, compensation etc.)
  • Development of requirements and recommendations for the management system
  • Systems analysis using functional simulation methodology
  • Development of detailed organizational change plans
  • Integrated strategic management
  • Organizational structure re-design
  • Business efficiency management
  • Business process reengineering
  • Balanced scorecard development

If you have any questions about our services please do not hesitate to contact us:

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